Los Angelenos face a lot of problems, and we want to solve one of them.

For Recycling, sometimes is mixed bag. Literally, there's so much unsorted litter. But have you ever thought about people that dig through that unsorted trash to help make ends meet?

What if collecting recycling didn't have to be so dirty? What if businesses could stop paying big companies to take care of their trash and help empower growth in the community by making one change in the way they recycle their empty containers.

Decycl was born out of LA Techweek with founding members Alex Garcia, Mackenzie Lee and Marshall Ross

Considering the issues of helping the disadvantaged, educating the community and protecting the enviroment, we developed a solution that addresses these problems.

Who We are

Alex Garcia

Alex has observed a lot of people on the streets that collect waste to make money from when living in North Hollywood to current home in Santa Monica.

Alex cares about the community. He talks to people on the street, and wants to help others get a stable income source and add stability to their lives.

Mackenzie Lee

A recycler for profit for the past year, Mackenzie has been collecting her recycling and bringing it to various recycling centers accross the LA/Orange County Area.

"Most people don't know this about me, but it bothers me when I see an empty bottle or can getting thrown away. I don't see trash. I see money and missed opportunities."

I sell my own recycling and have met many other recyclers for profit in the past, some people recycle as a need, for extra income, or as a way to get some cash to help pay for food for that day."

Marshall Ross

Marshall is passionate about housing first, and wanted to find a outlet where he could give back and take incremental steps to help the unhoused population of Los Angeles.

Mashall says: "I love recycling. Recycling of glass is very important."

Founders of decycl, Marshall Ross, Alex Garcia and Mackenzie Lee Picture of the street in la